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Over the years RG Plumbing have established a reputation for quality work and dependability. RG Plumbing has been serving Long Beach, CA since 1993. Ever since, we are supportive and active in the local community. Licensed and insured to protect our customers, we make your satisfaction our first priority.

RG Plumbing exists to provide products and services that are of superior quality, exceed the expectations of our customers while ultimately honoring our creator in the relationships that we establish with our clients. Since the beginning we were accumulating valuable experience. Our company is continuously developing and employing the most qualified professionals in our service area.

We work respectfully with all our clients as we do with all our colleagues. We do this in order to build a quality support system, get to the real issues, and provide you with practical recommendations. Our client’s needs are our #1 priority.

Over years of serving our customers with superior quality of job and dependability have earned us our great reputation in plumbing services company, that delivers the highest quality of work. Offering an wide list of services our plumbing contractor company stands out from the crowd by being a entire design/build plumbing business. Staffed with leader plumbers and a crew of crew members dedicated to doing the job right the first time, ever time – RG Plumbing has come to stand for and exudes excellence in customer service and expertise in all of your plumbing needs.

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