How Does a Plumber Fix a Running Toilet in a Few Easy Steps?

Does Your Running Toilet Need a Prompt and Quality Plumbing Repair?

Many homeowners do not pay special attention when they have a leaky toilet. However, this could be a very costly mistake as running toilets are known to waste gallons of water every day. And this will eventually affect your water bills. But do not despair! Instead, hire the most dependable plumbing service in your neighborhood. If you try to do it yourself, it may stop running and then start to leak into the bowl again. Therefore, this kind of problem calls for a professional plumbing repair.

The first thing a plumber should do is open the tank and see what is going on inside. He will check the ball and the flapper that cover the valve at the bottom. He will check if the valve and the flapper are properly working.

The second think is to replace the flapper if it has any defects. When you flush, it allows the water to go into the tank and fill it. However, when too old, it deteriorates and eventually breaks down. A skilled plumber will empty the tank from all excess water and will install a new flapper. As there are several types of flappers, he will figure out which type exactly is good for your toilet.

The next step is to examine the condition of the fill tube. If it is under water, it needs to be cut back to clear the water level.

The float needs to be checked out too. There are two types – ball float and cup float. If the ball float is set too high, it allows the water level to rise above the overflow pipe and this way, the tank never stops draining and is filling up all the time. A professional should be able to repair it in no time. The cup float can be fixed easily too.

The fill valve must be inspected too. If all the above-mentioned components work just fine, then the issue must be with the fill valve. Faulty valves should be replaced by draining the tank and freeing it from its position. The new element should be installed carefully, and a plumber will simply adjust the flow to the desired water level.

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