Main Plumbing Problems

When to Call a Plumbing Repair Company

One of the main problems homeowners have at home is with the drain, so the first step before fixing or detecting a problem is to know what the actual problems are. So, in this blog post, we will mention the most common problems that occur in the gutter drain.

Problems with drain are usually related to the entry point, so it is essential to keep the entry clean and without obstruction. In a house, floor drains are usually abused, and consequently homeowners instead of using the trash for the waste, they wash it down the garage and kitchen floors.

Kitchen and bathroom drains get clogged easily with the soap and grease, so a very easy way to prevent your drain from clogs is to use in all the sinks a disposer flange. This is a very affordable way of keeping your drain clean and problem free, although you should always contact a plumbing repair company for such problems.

If the problem is still not very serious or you feel capable enough to fix it, here you will find some tips to prevent them from happening and how to solve them.

-Slow draining. Whether the draining comes from the tub or the sink, usually this problem is caused by the accumulation of hair. Before calling a plumbing repair company, try using special products that can be found in the drug store.

-Running toilet. Many people are familiar with running toilets, what you probably didn’t know is that if the drain continues, it can flood the floor, especially if the toilet is on a lower floor near the garage. In case you need assistance, you can always contact a plumbing repair company.

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